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Titanium plates, glasses plates
Time: 2013-08-20 11:26
  Glasses with titanium plates, glasses, plates referred to is the use of titanium materials processing and production of the plate, divided titanium glasses, plates, glasses, plates titanium, memory titanium eyeglasses boards.

  Titanium has good corrosion resistance, similar to platinum, very excellent mechanical properties. Whichever is used in eyeglass frames are lightweight, flexible, corrosion resistance and so on.
However, titanium and titanium glasses high production costs, in flexion, stamping, cutting and welding areas demanding, difficult welding and plating, soldering must be done in a vacuum. So the price is more expensive, is used only in high-end frames.
  As a new titanium glasses material launch, with its light weight, corrosion resistance, anti-allergy and high strength, more and more consumers favor. With the development of titanium materials and processing technology matures, the market has appeared in titanium, B titanium, memory titanium and other metal-based titanium frames. Among them, pure titanium frames purity 99.9% (excluding gaskets, screws, stipules and leg warmers), which identifies all known PURETITANIUM, or abbreviated as Ti-P and so on. However, driven by the interests of individual vendors for some non-pure titanium or titanium alloy materials have also been identified above, together with the majority of consumers lack the ability to identify pure titanium frames, causing consumers to wear titanium frame after frame of Health rust, skin allergies and other phenomena, damage the interests of consumers. Here are some simple ways to identify titanium frames.
1 hand weigh weight alloy frame usually accounts for about 8.9g/cm3, titanium frame specific gravity of about 4.5g/cm3, the weight of the titanium alloy frame is equivalent to half the relatively light hand weigh up. This is the distinction between non-titanium frame titanium frame easiest methods.
2 Observe nose and nasal stems stipules bucket welding points, pure titanium welding vacuum anaerobic Welding, welding marks herein as "step" shape, alloy material as spot welding, welding marks as "slope "shape, which is to distinguish between titanium frame titanium frame and non-effective methods.
3 Observe whether hinge junction gaskets, titanium frames in titanium hinge should not make direct contact with the titanium, or prone joints wrinkled, mirror legs and close them poor phenomenon. Usually hinge pure titanium frames inlaid two thin pads, the upper and lower hinge separated. So check whether the gasket at the hinge, but also to identify whether it is a good method for titanium frames.
4 magnets do magnetic response, will try to loosen the hinge frame, in the free active state with a magnet to attract, like a mirror, attracted by the magnet legs shaking, indicating that this is not a pure titanium frames, on the contrary it shows that the mirror frame may be titanium frame.
Large titanium frames used to fall into three categories, pure titanium; TC4's; and B titanium 15333, and pure titanium plate was divided into soft and hard board, soft board generally slightly more expensive than hard board points, soft boards are generally required hardness network's 67 - 80; may stamping, hard board general requirements for the network's 90 Hardness - 97; can not punch, only wire cutting. High-grade titanium glasses frame material used 15333 good elasticity and difficult process.
β titanium spectacle frames for spectacles and advantages:
β titanium alloy is in the state of zero bound particles delayed cooling is complete β titanium material, its processing technology than titanium, it is other than the titanium alloy and better strength, fatigue resistance and resistance to environmental resistance, plasticity good shape, was solid solution, its low elastic modulus is about 80GPa, slightly higher than the Ti-Ni shape memory alloy elastic modulus (60 GPa or so), it has a high elastic restoring force (i.e., archwire bending large distances without permanent deformation), low hardness, easy molding, can bend or form complex shapes without being fractured. With its manufacture of eyeglass frames titanium frames temples make up the lack of flexibility, good elasticity another memory characteristics, and β titanium machining and welding quality, with its spectacle frames made of shape and style, there were more the production of a new generation of optical materials. Therefore, β titanium eyeglass frames in Europe and other developed countries are used as a high-grade decorations and a popular fashion together. Which has been widely used in high-grade titanium wire frame glasses frame and feet, silk production
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